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Each image you see here takes anywhere from 2-5 hours of work.  If you like the work please send a link to a friend but do not copy it.

Aside from the legal ramifications of breaking copyright, the following copyright curses will apply.

Copyright Curses

If you are an Anaesthetist

May your coffee pot run dry, your surgeon always run late, develop the urge to urinate at the beginning of every large case and may midwives hound you at 3am every night for an epidural until your dying days.

If you are an Intensivist

May your coffee be burnt, your ward rounds lengthy, your handovers fraught with dull inanity and may all your research be clinically and statistically insignificant.

If you are a Medical Student

May all your multiple choice questions have 3 correct answers, your supervisor confuse you with the worst student in the class and may you wake up late every day that you have an exam.

Generic Medical/Surgical Curse

May you always receive a urgent case half an hour before the end of your call,  may all your publications be retracted, your future research only accepted for publication in The Guatemalan Journal of Homeopathy, your minions borderline incompetent and may management twice daily call you to discuss your efficiency.